Carpet Runners

carpet runners

Carpet runners are long, rectangular carpets that we often use for hallways, corridors, rectangular rooms and stairs. The basic use for carpet runners, or the so called “runner carpet”, is to furnish stairs made of different materials such as wood, marble and the uncommon stairs made of glass or metal.
Carpet runners are regarded as an excellent way to prevent slipping and falling off stairs, as well as showing a lovely décor, regardless of the furniture style or wall colors. There are different designs that vary in the edge shape, to take either the common sharp angles, or the oval range at both sides. The sharp angled runners are not necessary traditional. There are many sharp angled rugs or runners that come in contemporary designs. The round or oval edge runners can’t also be considered modern or contemporary as most kitchen runners come in that design.


As for contemporary carpet runners, they are not restricted in a single shape and some are even edgeless, like that flower patterned carpet shown below with floral, wavy edges.
The type of carpet runners differ according to the shape and materials. They could be made of wool, silk, cotton or mix of two different materials. There are heavy duty carpets, which are usually thin and rough in texture. They are, like the indoor outdoor carpet, made of heavy duty materials and can also be layered with plastic at the base.
The installation of carpet runners differ from a place to another. For example, you can’t install a runner carpet with adhesive material on the marble stairs of a mansion, but you can do that with a heavy duty carpet used for the wooden stairs of your house. Runner carpets can be fixed with adhesive, pins or thin metal fixers at the base of each stair step.

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