Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs

These Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs are made for the Housewives who always love to add unique stuff to their kitchen and tableware. Speaking of the different values and prices, some like antique stuff, some like original and depicted tableware while others may consider the nice appearance only as a value.
These lovely Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs are made from different materials like china pottery and ceramic. They are carved into various shapes from nature like peacocks, flowers, elephant, butterflies, tiger, sea animals, and rain forest theme to give you real fantastic art piece in your kitchen.
Few designs appear so modern as they came without animal or nature carving, just black and white with a touch of red and blue with semi-geometric lines. The other designs look so classic, traditional and antique at once, so you won’t be confused about which to use in a tea party, quiet early morning, or special occasions. You can host a dear person and have a nice tea with them in these lovely cups, and guess what? The whole set is carved and it comes with a nice plate and saucer to help with cake sauce and other tasty additions.


ceramic tea cup with carved flower shapes


ceramic peacock carved tea cup


red flower carved tea cup


blue peacock carved tea cup


flower carved blue tea cup


bird wings carved tea cup

fish carved tea cup


christmas tea cups


flowers and butterfly carved tea cup


Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs


parrot carved tea cup


Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs


modern ceramic tea cup


modern red tea cups


Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs


modern carved ceramic tea cups


tiger carved ceramic tea cups

elephant carved tea cups



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2 Thoughts to “Carved Tea And Coffee Cup Designs”

  1. Skyler

    How much do te ups cost?

    1. hello sir ,

      carved tea and coffee cup cost between $19 and $30 and you can see more style in the next link ,hope you like them

      sorry for late reply and hope i can help you in any thing you need to know more about our posts.

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