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Like us, humans, most of our feline friends need to feel comfort and warmth during their sleep, not only on a bed or couch, but on their own beds. Cat beds are classified among the cat furniture, which we usually bring, either to entertain the cats or as life essentials.
Cat beds, and cat houses, come in several designs that suit all cat sizes and needs. They also come with stylish fabric or fur coating, to provide warmth and match with your home style.
The traditional cat beds come as round pillows filled with fiber or sponge, coated with fabrics and covered with an extra layer of wool or fur. Such types are easy to do yourself, and the store-bought ones are very affordable.


Some cat beds come as round boxes, padded and covered with fibers and wool. Their advantage lies in the high walls that keep your cat warm, as some cats may prefer opened beds rather than the closed houses.
The most beautiful and stylish type of cat beds comes as lovely house, and it could be made of any material like wood, cardboard, polymers, large boxes and soft bags. They include the modern cat houses, which come with stand; the cat cocoon, and the cat lounge. The nicest and most entertaining types to the feline fellow are the tunneled cat sofas, the cat trees, fur tents and elevated beds.

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