Cat Jelly Food

Cat jelly food

Cat Jelly Food

Cat Jelly Food is an easy meal that you can prepare for your cats and guarantee that they have a clean, homemade food that is easy to digest. Such meals are also important for providing enough moisture, as cats are not naturally water-drinking animals and their body is designed to get moisture from their prey.

Preparing cat jelly food at home is very important for aging cats and generally for pets with kidney problems. Another reason for including more jello in your cats nutrition is that male cats usually suffer from urine obstruction. This case results from putting to much pressure on the kidneys through your pet’s dry food. the dry food contains only 12% moisture .. which aids in forming gravels and then developing kidney failure in a few years “or months if your cat is old”. To avoid these problems we usually introduce more soup, fresh water, jello and other meals that contain about 80% moisture.


3 cups of chicken soup, broth or stock
5 tbs of flour
¼ cup of small carrot pieces
¾ cup of previously cooked minced meat or fish fillet


Mix the soup with flour, and make sure the flour has mixed well, then cook on high heat until you get a thick liquid. Add the minced meat or fish and keep stirring, then allow to cool before you introduce to your cat.

Cat Jelly Food

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