Nutty Rice Turkey Stuffing

Nutty rice turkey stuffing

Nutty rice turkey stuffing is one of my most favorite recipes for Christmas. I used to follow my own recipe, which I make with nuts and chicken livers, graced with a special vegetable mix in brown fruit sauce. This recipe is a bit similar, but it doesn’t use vegetables or chicken livers. It uses lots of mixed nuts and brown rice, but you may add chicken livers and vegetables for an extra delicious taste. Ingredients: – 1 cup of long grain brown rice “200 gm”. – 1 large onion, diced.…

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Chinese Sausage Rice Stuffing

Chinese sausage rice stuffing

Chinese sausage rice stuffing is a very delicious recipe that you can try with chicken and turkey. The original recipe is often made with sweet rice, glutinous or sticky rice, which is widely grown in China. Chinese sausages also refer to that type of sausage produced and sold in the Chinese market, and it is characterized by its strong flavor and color. If the sweet rice and Chinese sausages are not available in your region, try this recipe with similar ingredients that you can easily buy. Ingredients: – 3 cups…

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Sausage Stuffing Recipe

Sausage stuffing recipe

As many people would like to stuff Christmas and thanksgiving turkey with sausages and bread, this sausage stuffing recipe is a great version, not only for the holidays, but for all occasions. The basic recipe was made with raw ingredients, but I thought of some changes to make it more delicious. Ingredients: – 500 gm of chicken sausages. – Turkey giblets “if not available, use chicken livers and gizzards”. – 1 large onion, chopped. – 1 large scallion “chop the green leaves only”. – ½ cup of butter. – 1…

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Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

Chicken stir fry recipe

Following my stir fry sauce, this chicken stir fry recipe is a nice change in the classic vegetable chicken casserole. The recipe doesn’t contain tomato sauce. Instead, I used cubed potatoes, chicken thighs, peas and carrots. The creamy coat, resulting from potatoes, with the yellow color from turmeric and spices, give this meal a special charm, especially if you add cooking cream or more vegetables. Additional vegetables : broccoli, zucchinis, green beans, mushrooms, pepper, etc. For serving: White rice and watercress. Ingredients: – 2 large chicken thighs, without skin and…

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Stir Fry Sauce Recipe

Stir fry sauce recipe

Stir fry recipe have become favorite choices for lunch and quick dinners. Most of these recipes are made by frying chicken or meat with vegetables for a short time, which usually results in no sauce at all. My own stir fry sauce recipe is a delicious addition that I accidentally reached when I needed to cook the meat for longer. After that, I thought of adding some juices, spices and broth to make a thick sauce for coating. The basic recipe doesn’t contain flour or cooking cream, but I like…

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Apples And Cranberries Thanksgiving Stuffing

Apples and cranberries thanksgiving stuffing

Apples and cranberries thanksgiving stuffing is not just a stuffing recipe, it is the base for many versions of bird stuffing, in which you can use nuts, chicken pieces, giblets and sausages. You can prepare the recipe with rice or bread, and in my opinion, rice is much better, especially with toasted cashews. Ingredients: – ½ pound dark rye loaf, cubed or shredded into small pieces. – 1 cup of dried cranberries, soaked into boiling water for 15 minutes. – 2 green apples, diced. – 3 celery stalks, chopped. –…

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Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

Thanksgiving stuffing recipe

For thanksgiving and Christmas, I used to stuff turkey or chicken with rice and vegetables instead of the toasted bread. It really tastes delicious, and even more suitable for veggies and nuts. This thanksgiving stuffing recipe is one of the quick and easy recipes, in which you can use whatever vegetables you like. Ingredients: – 2 small cups of rice. – 1 cup of diced giblets “livers and gizzards”. – 1 cup of peas and carrots. – ½ cup of chopped onions. – ½ cup of chopped celery. – 1…

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Turkey Stuffing With Cranberries, Hazelnuts And Mushrooms

Turkey stuffing with cranberries, hazelnuts and mushrooms

I’ve been posting countryside stuffing recipes that mix sweet and salty tastes, and this turkey stuffing with cranberries, hazelnuts and mushrooms is one of the original, most delightful versions. As usual, the stuffing is flavored with fresh herbs and baked in broth dressing. The grated orange peel and mushrooms are considered a new addition, which you can replace by sliced lemons; chicken, meat, sausage, giblets or bacon, if you like. The best change in this recipe is the olive oil, and if you’re a fan, you may like chopped olives…

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Turkey Stuffing With Bacon, Chestnuts And Plum

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum is one of the most delicious dishes that you can ever cook for thanksgiving or Christmas. The mix between salted and sweet tastes of bacon and plum, in addition to the chestnut charm, is one of the original countryside secrets. Ingredients: – 600 gm of thick bacon slices, diced. – 1 large French baguette or artisan Italian bread. – 2 medium onions, diced. – 4 large celery stalks, chopped. -200 gm jarred roasted chestnuts, chopped. – 1 cup of chopped pitted prunes “dried…

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