Honey And Sugar Lip Scrub

honey and sugar lip scrub

This is another easy homemade lip scrub that can be stored in the fridge for a later use. You may add essential oils, almond oil or a tbsp of Vaseline petroleum jelly to make a softer texture and store the scrub in a small, clean glass jar in the fridge. Ingredients: 1 tbsp of white or brown sugar, ground if needed 1 tbsp of honey 1 tbsp of petroleum jelly “optional” Drops of your favorite oils “optional” Some warm water if needed Mixing: In a small glass bowl, add the…

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Homemade Lip Scrub

homemade lip scrub

Having beautiful and soft lips has been always the dream of all ladies. Fortunately, this dream is kind of easy to achieve and keep for some time to look elegant and sexy. There different recipes for homemade lip scrub, but our recipe today is surely the simplest and most affordable recipe you have ever seen. It consists of cocoa butter and brown sugar!! So lovely and easy, isn’t it? But before you start scrubbing your lips, which cautions should be considered and what is the tip that helps getting the…

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Avocado And Mayonnaise Hair Mask

avocado and mayonnaise hair mask

Avocado and mayonnaise hair mask is one of the most nutritious and easy hair masks to do. You don’t have to worry about the smell or the result, because once you wash the hair, you will feel the difference from the very first day. Besides being nutritious due to containing vitamins, fats, egg yolk and oils, the mask keeps your hair moisture and really flexible. You can make this mask once or twice a week; there is nothing to fear and there is no damage on the hair. Ingredients: Suitable…

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How To Preserve Your Hair Color

how to preserve your hair color

Seasonal change is always a great time for dying your hair and showing up in a new look. Most ladies do brilliant hair looks but they don’t know how to preserve their hair colors, and unfortunately the result becomes soon disappointing. Preserving the dyed the hair color requires daily routine of hair care besides some occasional steps. The daily care routine depends on avoiding the long exposure to the sunlight, unless it is morning or afternoon, and also swimming without hair caps. Once you have done those two basic things,…

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Homemade Foot Scrub


Ingredients: Ground pink Himalayan salt Ground apricot kernels Pumice powder Ground lavender Ground comfrey Lavender oil Peppermint oil Cocoa butter How to mix: In a plastic bowl, put enough amount of cocoa butter in room temperature or warm the bowl in hot water until it melts. Put the ground lavender, ground comfrey, drops of lavender and peppermints oils, and pumice powder. Mix all with plastic spatula until they are fully mixed then add suitable amount of ground apricot kernels and ground pink salt. Before you apply the scrub, soak your…

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Tips For Healthy Hair

tips for healthy hair

Most ladies in different ages complain from the damaged and weak hair, besides not knowing how to do the homemade treatment masks. To keep your hair healthy, strong and growing, there is a basic daily routine to follow before thinking of the homemade masks and treatments. 1- Don’t pull your hair back in pony tail or with tight hair ties. 2- Don’t brush your hair several times a day; that will increase the falling. 3- Try not to brush your hair when it is wet or directly after showering. Instead,…

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Tips For Beautiful Armpits

tips for beautiful armpits

Every woman dreams of beautiful, soft and white armpits, but unfortunately some find their dreams far to achieve. White and soft armpits require continuous care, exactly like other sensitive areas that are prone to sweat and bacteria. – The first tip for obtaining beautiful, healthy armpits is removing the hair regularly either by waxing, sweet or shaving. Some prefer sweet and waxing as they clean the pores and remove the dark skin while others prefer electric shavers that contain tweezers. Both methods are good, but it is better to use the…

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Homemade Body Polish

homemade body polish

This homemade body polish recipe is great for all skin types and it provides deep moisturizing as well. It is a bit different from my own homemade scrub and polish liquid, but I’m sure it will give you a shiny, stunning result. Ingredients: Pink Himalayan salt “if you don’t have, use the cooking salt” Coconut oil Honey “1 tbsp” Almond oil Orange oil Thinly grated zest of two oranges, or better mince them A dash of flour to hold the mixture together “optional” How to mix: In a glass bowl,…

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Nutritious Facial Scrub

This nutritious facial scrub depends on using different ingredients that contain vitamins and oils, to nourish the skin. The scrub is left on the face for a while to allow moisturizing the skin and absorbing the oils before the deep cleaning. The two processes are considered great for the sensitive skin and for face whitening as well. Ingredients: 1 tsp of honey 2 tbsp of raw brown rice 1 tbsp of oats ½ banana 2 tbsp of milk 1 tbsp of coconut milk Processing: Grind the rice and oats in…

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