Cheesy Bread Loaf

Cheesy bread loaf

Cheesy bread loaf is an easy way to make a light snack or appetizer, in which you use any type of cheese you prefer with chopped green onions and spices. It is similar to the garlic bread recipe, but in topic we will make it in a creative way to save time and add style to your buffet. In addition to cheese, you can use any other creamy-textured ingredients, like ketchup and cream cheese. You can also use sliced cold cuts on different positions, if you are going to make this recipe for parties.
I will tell you how to make it in two different ways, and I surely recommend the second technique for parties and buffets. Your guests will adore this appetizer.

Ingredients and first technique:

– 1 bread loaf – preferably the big sized loafs like countryside bread, or simply cut a French baguette into 2 large sections.
– Sliced mozzarella cheese.
– Sliced cheddar cheese.
– Chopped parsley.
– Chopped scallions.
– Pepper and your favorite spices.
– A few tablespoons of olive oil.

– Bring the countryside loaf and start cutting slits along the length of the loaf.
– Make sure not to reach the bottom, as you will repeat the previous step crosswise to leave spaces for the sliced cheese.
– When you’re done cutting crossed slits, arrange the cheese slices in the slits until they are all filled.
– Put the loaf on a baking sheet and heat in the oven until the cheese melts.
– Transfer the loaf to a large plate and sprinkle chopped scallion on the cheese then season with pepper and spices.


Optional ingredients and second technique “for parties and buffets”:

– Sliced cheddar.
– Sliced mozzarella.
– Grated hard cheese or parmesan.
– ½ cup of pitted green olives.
– ½ cup of pitted black olives.
– Chopped parsley.
– Chopped scallions.
– Chopped watercress.
– Sliced cold cuts “I use smoked turkey”.
– 1 cup of smoked cream cheese.
– 1 medium bottle of ketchup.

– Prepare two separate bowls and two bread loaves, or cut a French baguette into two sections.
– In the first bowl, put half the amount of ketchup and half the amount of cream cheese. Do the same with the other bowl.
– In the food processor, put the black olives with half the amount of each; grated cheese, mozzarella, cheddar and turkey cold cuts.
– Process to mince all together then transfer them to the first bowl.
– Repeat the previous step, but with the green olives, then put the resulting mix into the second bowl.
– Now the remaining step is adding the herbs. It is better to choose which herbs you like with green olives, and which to add to the bowl with black olives.
– Cut the bread loafs crosswise like we have done in the first method above.
– Use a spoon to toss all ingredients until fully mixed, then add some olive oil and toss again.
– Fill between the crossed slits with the first mixture, then use the other mix with the second loaf.
– In a baking sheet, heat the loaves until the cheese mix melts then serve at once.

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