Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Cheesy mashed potatoes

Plain mashed potatoes are often served with braised red cabbage in the Bavarian cuisine, but I like to use these ingredients for an intense, rich flavor. I made this cheesy mashed potatoes recipe for my chicken schnitzel as a side dish, and it tasted yummy. You may use any other kinds of cheese, or add more ingredients like chopped scallions or pitted olives, in case you’d like to exclude the garlic powder and opt for a different taste. The varieties always depend on creation and knowing which tastes to mix together and which taste goes better with the dish you’re cooking.

Cheesy mashed potatoes


– 1 big mashed potato.
– ½ cup of grated hard cheese.
– ¼ cup of mayonnaise.
– ¼ tsp of garlic powder.
– Salt, pepper, cumin.

In a medium bowl, put the potatoes, seasoning, garlic powder and mayonnaise then mash and toss the potatoes to mix all well. Add the grated cheese and keep mashing then divide the potatoes in the serving dishes. It is better served warm.

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