Cheesy Sandwich Dinner Ideas

Cheesy Sandwich Dinner Ideas

Like most housewives, I feel quite confused about the suitable type of dinner to serve every night. The appetite always demands delicious meals while there is probably no time to cook. Sandwiches are the best and quickest choices to serve, but bit by bit we feel bored of the common routine and we need a significant change.
As a housewife, you will find extremely good dinner ideas in this post; most of them made in form of cheesy sandwiches that you can bake or serve cold. You will learn how to mix tastes, creating irresistible sandwiches for your family, and especially your kids.

toasted cheese sandwich

1- Ketchup and cream cheese sandwiches with fried potatoes.

This lovely mix makes great appetizer, especially if you use Kiri cheese. The sandwiches here could be made with plain cheese and ketchup mix, and surely served with fried potatoes.
Make a creative addition by using smoked cheese, smoked beef cold cuts or smoked turkey. Scallion is usually an amazing addition here.

2- Plain Gouda cheese and green olives.

Toasting a nice lot of Gouda cheese into white toast or common bread is a wonderful dinner with French fries. I honestly love this type of cheese and surely all cheese lovers would agree on such a plain sandwich.

turkey and cheese sandwich

3- My cheese mix recipe.

This mix doesn’t need toasting, it is served cold and you can make it as a cheese dip.

Mix these ingredients in the food processor and serve at once:
– 100 gm of grated Gouda cheese
– 50 gm of grated hard cheese of your choice
– 150 gm of yellow cheddar cheese
– 50 gm of smoked cream cheese “or any spread type”
– 1 packet of Kiri cheese “around 8 pieces”
– 2 tsp of fresh thyme
– 2 tbsp of sliced black olive flesh

4- Schnitzel with cheddar cheese and pickles.

This sandwich is exactly like the chicken pane sandwich, made of fried, crumbed chicken cutlets. The trick here is adding your special touch to make varieties as the cheese type is usually a constant.
Your varieties could be mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, olive and garlic dressing, preserved mushroom slices, cucumber pickles, fresh minced herbs and olives, etc.

Cheesy sandwich dinner ideas

5- Cheesy baked sandwiches.

These sandwiches could include cold cuts, shredded cooked chicken, beef bites in onion sauce, meatballs, sausages, tofu, fried shrimp, crab meat, caviar or whatever basic ingredient.
Prepare them with tasty additions of those I mentioned in No.4 then arrange them in a baking pan and cover each with plenty of mozzarella cheese. You may use other types of cheese depending on the basic ingredient and the taste you prefer.


You may also try simple varieties like:

– Watercress cheese sandwiches
– Cucumber and tomatoes cheese sandwiches
– Parmesan sandwiches with crispy grapes
– Baked cheese omelet sandwiches

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