Chenille Bedspreads

chenille bedspreads

Chenille Bedspreads

Chenille bedspreads are elegant woven bed covers or bedding sets, usually made of cotton chenille. There are many original manufactures for chenille bedspreads, such as Cabin Crafts, Bates, Ret Rac, Morgan Jones and Hofman. Many have tried to mimic the real chenille work and produce similar patterns on low quality fabrics, but the fabrics differ according to the manufacturer and the type of details made to decorate the cover. Cotton chenille always represents the highest quality.
Cotton chenille bedspreads come in two basic forms, the soft-base spreads and the thick, rough spreads. The thick, rough type usually shows more details and is widely patterned while the soft type usually holds handmade tufts and floral embellishments in a way that doesn’t cut the chenille loops/weaving. That manner is always used with floral details and needle tufts; usually made by ‘Cabin Crafts’.

The chenille bedspreads are basically made from woven plush cotton with fringed edges. The artwork comes as handmade details, such as rosebuds, floral embellishments and other similar needle tuft details. The manufactured type comes with fewer details, or simpler, but they can’t be made by hand craft. Plaids and Ginghams, popcorn and hobnails are good example on the chenille machine work.

Chenille bedspreads are very elegant and durable, no matter which type you have. The light, soft bedspreads are the most elegant and you can really feel the luxury while they touch your body. The thick, rough type is more durable and it gives a rustic charm to your bedroom; it is quite suitable for classic home styles.


1- Light cotton chenille bedspreads


Chenille Bedspreads 1
Chenille Bedspreads 2
Chenille Bedspreads 3
Chenille Bedspreads 4


2- Chenille bedspreads with machine work


Chenille Bedspreads 5
Chenille Bedspreads 6
Chenille Bedspreads 7
Chenille Bedspreads 8
Chenille Bedspreads 9
Chenille Bedspreads 10


3- Bedspreads with handmade embroidery

Chenille Bedspreads 11
Chenille Bedspreads 12
Chenille Bedspreads 13
Chenille Bedspreads 14
Chenille Bedspreads 15
Chenille Bedspreads 16



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