Chicken Cheese Burgers For Cats

Chicken Cheese Burgers For Cats 1

I think this recipe is too weird to introduce for a cat, but every time I read the ingredients I realize that any cat will surely like it. So I will give it a try one day for my cats.


100 gm cooked minced meat
100 gm cooked minced chicken
100 gm oat flakes or preferably minced bread
1 tbs chicken broth
Small cooked carrot, mashed.
1 raw egg
½ cup of grated cheese

Keep the cheese aside and mix the ingredients in a glass bowl until it sticks to a degree that you shape. If it doesn’t happen, you should either add broth to make it more tender, or add a dash of flour to make it more shapeable. Shape into small burgers that are thinner than what humans eat. Spread the grated cheese on both sides and fry in a skillet until it takes golden color and the cheese melts.


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