Chicken Popcorn

chicken popcorn

Chicken popcorn is one of the most popular appetizers, and also considered a wonderful snack for kids. You may consider this dish as a quick side dish to serve with pasta or French fries for dinner. The craziest thing about this recipe is that you won’t ever stop eating until you finish the platter, even if you’re not hungry or watching a movie.
Chicken popcorn is a lovely snack that you can prepare for picnics, outings and school days. They are full of protein, delicious and quickly eaten. You can eat then hot or warm, or even keep the leftover out of the fridge for many hours.


– 250 gm of boneless chicken breast slices “preferably cut into very small pieces, popcorn size”.
– 1 cup of all purpose flour
– 1 tsp of baking soda “or baking powder”
– 2 tbsp of corn flour
– ½ cup of bread crumbs “optional, and you may replace it with flour”
– Vegetable oil for frying
You may need to follow my all purpose chicken marinade, or follow your own recipe.

chicken popcorn


– Start by putting the chicken pieces into the marinade, stirring and tossing until it is fully emerged in the liquid.
– In this step, you should quickly stir the baking soda in the chicken marinade, and I’m saying “quickly” because it will react with the white vinegar and foam before it covers all chicken pieces.
Adding the baking soda is supposed to tenderize the chicken flesh and makes juicy from inside, after frying.
– Let the chicken pieces in the marinade for at least 2 hours before frying.
– In a plate, mix the white flour with corn flour and season with a dash of salt and hot spices if you like such tastes. You may also add a dash of baking soda here; it will enhance the texture of flour film after frying.
Adding corn flour is necessary for crispy bites as it helps sticking the dip onto the chicken.
– After the chicken popcorn is marinated, put it in a drainer and wait for a few minutes until no excessive liquid is left.
– Dip the chicken pieces in the flour mix until they are well covered with a thick film and immediately fry in hot oil for 2 or 3 minutes until they take dark golden color. Test the pieces with a fork, if they aren’t fully cooked, lower the heat and fry for extra few minutes.
– Put the popcorn in a wide platter layered with paper towel to absorb the excessive oil then serve with your favorite choice of mayonnaise dip, rice and salad, French fries, vegetables or cheese dip.

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