Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie

Chicken pot pie is a classic recipe that is made from a dough filled with a mix of cooked chicken and vegetables then baked in the oven. It reminds us of the traditional countryside foods that we all love in winter.
The dish is made in almost every country and each country may have its own additions or recipe modifications.

Chicken pot pie


– Puff pastry sheets “enough to line and cover a medium glass pan”
– 2 ½ cups of shredded chicken or turkey “I use cooked chicken”
– 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables “I usually use peas and carrots for a better taste”
– ½ cup of milk
– 2 cups of chicken broth
– 3 tbsp of flour
– ½ of chopped onions
– 2 tbsp of butter
– Salt and pepper


– Grease the glass pan with butter then line it with the puff pastry sheets. Bake it in a 425°F oven until it is golden and crusty.
– In a separate pan, melt some butter and fry the onions on medium heat until they are tendered. Stir in the flour and seasoning until the mix is fully blended and fry for a minute.
– Gradually add the chicken broth and milk while stirring constantly or using a hand whisker.
– Cook the flour and onion mix for a few minutes on low heat, with stirring, until a thick sauce is formed then add the chicken pieces and mixed vegetables. You may increase the amount of water and let them cook for 5 minutes on low heat before baking.
– Get the puff pastry pan and fill the pie with the stuffing then cover with the topping crust and seal the range well.
In this step you may like to top with raw dough and bake the pie on upper sheet of your oven. If the top was previously crusted, then you should make slits with a knife, to enable venting the vapor, and also the edges must be covered with foil sheets to prevent burning.
– The baking time, if the vegetables are not cooked, is 40 minutes in medium heat oven. It will surely take shorter time if the dough is well crusted and the filling is previously cooked.

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