Chicken Spices For All Purposes

Chicken spices for all purposes

This is my own recipe for beef and chicken spice blend, which I use always when I poach meats or make quick roasts. The These spices are quite suitable for roast, fried, grilled or barbecued chicken. You can also add them to the cooked rice or the vegetable rice, for a wonderful taste.

Chicken spices for all purposes


– 1 tsp of ground pepper.
– ¼ tsp of ground cumin.
– ¼ tsp of ground nutmeg.
– 1 ½ tsp of garlic powder.
– 1 ½ tsp of onion powder.
– 1 tsp of dried oregano.
– 1 tsp of dried thyme.
– 1 tsp of paprika.
– add salt as desired.

Mix the ingredients together and ground them again until you obtain a soft powder. Use at once for chicken marinade, or keep in glass jar for later use.

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