Christmas Garland Ideas For Beautiful Mantels And Stairs

A Christmas garland is a piece of decoration that comes as a long branch of artificial greenery or any other material that suits the display. Other materials include ribbons, tinsel branches or bright accessories attached together to make a long branch of decorations.
Christmas garlands are usually used to decorate any part of the house, but they were originally made for decorating the mantels and staircases then people used them in all possible displays.


Christmas garlands come either in a single color, or in amazing color combinations that suit all themes and styles. The single colored garlands are often simple, so that you can add your special touch by attaching ornaments, or just include the garland in a full display.
The big, colorful garlands may come with lovely bows and wide straps, trimmed in glittering silver and golden details, but in addition to their expensive prices, they are not often available in the desired shapes, so people try to use the simple garlands and colorful accessories to obtain the best shapes.

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Christmas-garland-ideas_8 Christmas-garland-ideas_9

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