Christmas Staircases

‘Christmas staircases’ is a term that we often use to indicate the staircase garlands and decorations made for the holiday. These decorations are made in many ways to reflect a joyful ambiance; and in big houses, Christmas staircase decorations are made in luxurious displays with fairy lights and expensive ornaments.


Artificial greenery garlands and fairy lights are always the bases for decorating a staircase. Attaching ornaments, flowers, pine cones, bells and bows give a special look, especially when you have experience in making garlands. The same decorations suit small and big houses, as the appearance depends on the ornaments shape and color.
Making bigger garlands, for long staircases or a big house entry; requires a touch of sophistication through a stunning glow. Using wide satin straps in red, silver, or gold allows you to create really fabulous looks, either by attaching large bows with flowers, or by running the satin straps through the green garlands to light up the whole display. Making some loose wraps around the garlands will also give a nice result, showing an elegant appearance with the fairy lights.

Christmas-staircases_2 Christmas-staircases_3

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