Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights 1

Christmas tree lights have always been the fun part in decorating the big tree. In addition to the joy they bring, those twinkling fairy lights are essential for giving our trees their style and colorful looks. Their varieties are great for the indoor and outdoor use, as most of them come in decorative shapes and functional designs.

Christmas Tree Lights 2

For the outdoor Christmas decorations ‘on trees, in the yards or around the garden statues’, the battery powered fairy lights are the best. The single colored fairy lights come in long branches of oval shaped bulbs, and they surely vary in size and length.
The electricity-powered lights are often attached to the power source through the terminals, as they are longer than other types.
Christmas tree lights come in shapes like stars, hearts, animals, ornaments, and personalized shapes too. The most creative type is called ‘Christmas tree light spikes’. These spikes are made from transparent materials, like plastic, silicon, or fiber optics and are usually connected to small, colorful bulbs at their ends, to provide the pretty colors.

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