How To Clean Your Blender

How to clean your blender

About how to clean your blender, it is not actually a big deal for many ladies, but I recently found some questions from my friends who don’t know the right way to clean a blender.
Cleaning a blender is not necessary, if you are used to wash it well each time you use it. For ladies who are always in a hurry completing chores, working, cleaning the house and taking care of kids, it is an essential matter.
There are several ways to clean the blender, like washing it with soap or wiping it inside and outside, but this way is effective and also sanitizing.


Fill your blender to half level with water, add 3 tbsp of white vinegar, some drops of liquid soap and one bag of baking powder or baking soda then turn it on to process the liquid for a few seconds. Once you add the baking soda to any acidic mix it will start foaming and with blending, it will foam more. The baking soda with vinegar is known to be the best acidic mix to clean dark oxidation colors and soft surface stains, like those on glass, plastic, ceramic, mirrors, dishes, frames, etc.
The baking soda with vinegar also sanitizes your blender due to the acidic effect of white vinegar. If you want more sanitizing, add 1 tbsp of wine or alcohol. It will surely foam more, but it will do great work.

Cleaning the outer surface and hidden edges of the blender would require the same mix of water and vinegar “soap is optional according to the degree of dirtiness.
Use micro-fiber wipes by dipping them into the mix, lightly squeezing them and then rub the hidden edges and surface. These wipes are effective more than cotton sheets or any fabric cloth.
After finishing, rinse the blender with water and wipe its base with clean water-dipped micro-fiber wipes. Your blender should be sparkling now.

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