How To Clean Granite

How to clean granite

About how to clean granite, the ways of cleaning granite surfaces differ basically according to the stains and then according to the type of surface or granite quality. Daily base cleaning require a dry or wet wiping with a microfiber cloth while stains and spot cleaning may need extra solutions, either those made especially for cleaning granite, or the simplest homemade ones. Scroll down for 3 easy techniques and homemade granite cleaners.

Before I mention the homemade cleaners, take these basic granite cleaners for certain types of stains:

– White alcohol rubbing : For ink spills or magic marker stains.
Acetone : For oil spills, greasing, tar, and cosmetics stains.
Poultice : For rust and similar stains.
– Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide : For mold and mildew or similar stains.

How to clean granite

There are many kinds of granite showing in our homes as kitchen countertops, floor tiles and furniture accessories – basically coffee tabletops. The simplest way that a housewife can follow to clean these surfaces is using a soft sweeper or microfiber cloth dipped in water and dish soap. This technique is widely followed and it is not harmful or eroding, if you use balanced or high quality dish soap then rinse the surface a few times with water-rich sponge or cloth.
Some may complain that they get soapy deposit over the countertops, on a long of following this technique. Such effect is surely unpleasant and harmful for the health as most housewives use their granite countertops to bake dough and cookies, when a soft, cold surface is needed. My advice here will be to clean daily with water and use soap only for a quick spill removing before a liquid soaks up into the granite.

Speaking about cleaners, the special granite cleaners may be expensive for some to afford, so their next options might be to varnish “seal” the countertop every 6 months in case of heavy use, and a year or 2 in case of moderate use. One might also want to make their own homemade granite cleaner, so quick vinegar and baking soda wash would be quite effective for stains, on condition to be rinsed immediately with water to prevent eroding the shiny surface. Mixing 1 part of water with 1 part of white alcohol is also effective and PH-balanced.

Applying chemical cleaners, harsh compounds and abrasives will surely pit and scratch the protective film on the granite surface or, at the worst considerations, erode the granite itself. The other option here should be a poultice made of baking soda and flour, or baking soda and dish soap. Use 1 cup with 5 tbsp of dish soap, cover the spills and layer with a piece of cloth or plastic until the morning. This technique helps with difficult stains as you scratch in the morning with a rough sponge or microfiber cloth then rinse with water.

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