How To Clean Windows

how to clean windows

Windows are the most things that get dusty and dirty all the time, so cleaning them is usually considered a basic task whether you live in a house or an apartment. Instead of being energetic and happy while cleaning these windows, you may feel a huge burden within the number and size of windows, in addition to how dirty they are.
My simplest way for cleaning small apartment windows is as follows:

– Using water, 2 small buckets, some drops of liquid soap, a hand-size cleaning sponge, and drop towels made of cotton “I don’t prefer the fluffy ones”. The number of drop towels depends on how many windows you are going to clean – I usually use 3 or 4.

– Use one bucket to mix water with liquid soap and the other for clean water only.
– Dip the sponge in the soap-water, slightly squeeze and start rubbing the window. Repeat this step until the window is fully cleaned.
– Tightly squeeze the sponge and remove any remaining foam on the window.
– Use one towel, which is in the clean water, to rinse the window, and the others only for drying.
– You may use instead a special micro-fiber cleaner or squeegee, to save your time, absorb the water and leave your windows dry. If you don’t have this, just rinse the glass and dry it with the towels – some people may like to use old newspapers.

how to clean windows

For cleaning big windows, dirt and difficult stains, you may need to use the tools listed below:

– Bronze wool pads
– Window squeegee “the micro-fiber is excellent”
– Scrappers
– Scrubbers
– Liquid soap “just some drops”
– Drop towels “2 or 3”
– 2 Buckets

– The method is not different from that technique above. Only the tools are more helpful in removing sticky dirt and difficult stains that may have stuck on the glass.
– The bronze wool pads, scrappers and scrubbers are supposed to remove anything by direct friction with the glass. Just dip the bronze wool in the soap water and gently rub the glass. After that you can use other tools to rub and scratch dirt until the glass is clean.
– Use sponge or drop towel dipped in clean water and well-squeezed, to remove the remaining foam, which is surely full of dirt.
– Dip the micro-fiber squeegee in clean water and then slide it on the glass from top to base. The squeezable type is amazing as you won’t need the sponge/towels, and in a few seconds it will absorb foam and water and let the glass really sparkling.

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