Cleaning Granite Countertops

Cleaning granite countertops

Our topic today contains simple, but very important tips about maintaining and cleaning granite countertops, floors and furniture accessories. Granite is a super beautiful stone, usually forming from volcanic magma, and used widely for kitchen countertops, buildings, floors and even furniture accessories. The fine, polished kinds of granite often need special handling and delicate cleaning methods, in order not to break or scratch the stone surface. The methods and tips that I will mention below are suitable for countertops and floors, so you may follow the same techniques for all granite surfaces in your house.

Cleaning granite countertops

– First of all, you should understand that granite is usually a very hard stone type that is not easily scratched or broken, so the basic tips to maintain the countertops and coffee table tops is to not stand on them or let your kids do.

– Once you understand this fact, move to the next, which is to never bring a hot pan out of the oven or off the stove to a granite surface. This action is very harmful and it burns the polished surface resulting in cracks, dark spots and unpleasantly rough surface.

– The third basic rule is to never use harsh chemicals, such as those which react with materials or erode them.

– Repair scratches, cracks and rough spots by a professional, and don’t try to deal with the issue by yourself or think that using some kind of chemical or products will repair the surface.

– For fine, polished granite surfaces, don’t let alcoholic spills or acidic liquids, such as citrus juices, lemon juice, lemon slices, and vinegar for long on any granite surface. They etch and erode the surface resulting in dull and slightly darker spots. This happens also with floors.

– Always use protection pad or trivets under the hot pans and dishes, to prevent burning the granite surface.

– Use coasters under glasses and bowls while you are working on the kitchen countertop.

– Use the cutting board when you’re slicing citrus fruits.

– Use a tray or protective plastic sheet, made especially for kitchen use, when you’re using wine or preparing drink cocktails on the countertop.

– Sealing, or varnishing, the granite surfaces every two years will keep it shiny and lighter in color, in addition to the protection it ensures for the surface.

– If you don’t know which cleaner to use, use special granite cleaners or make your own PH-balanced cleaner with 1 part water and 1 part white alcohol.

– For the daily maintenance of countertops, wipe them with a wet microfiber cloth and few drops of dish soap then rinse with water.
For floors, dust and sweep with microfiber cleaning tools dipped in water.

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