CleanSmart Alcohol Free No Rinse Hand Cleanser

About the Product
  • Powerful ionized cleanser to protect your family everyday or during travel, cold & flu season
  • Removes germs, grime, sticky residue, and dirt when soap and water aren’t an option
  • Good for frequent use – won’t irritate skin, especially dry, cracked, or sensitive skin
  • Kid safe; CleanSmart products never contain Alcohol, BZK or Triclosan. No fragrance added; hypoallergenic
  • Great for use by Moms, kids, the immune-compromised, or people that need to use cleansers frequently. Doctor approved


Product Description

CleanSmart is a revolutionary hand cleanser that’s naturally moisturizing and fragrance free. It won’t dry hands out with frequent use. It uses the same great Hypochlorous base as the rest of CleanSmart products to keep your family healthy. Contains no harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients like alcohol, BZK, and Triclosan. Using is easy: it sprays on and rubs in quickly and is safe to use on and around kids, babies, anyone. This cleanser also works great to clean electronic screens – just mist and wipe off. These three 2oz bottles are perfect for the backpack, purse, briefcase, car, diaper bag. Great for frequent use. CleanSmart for happy, healthy hands

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