Colorful Terrace Apartment In Ukraine

Colorful terrace apartment in ukraine 0

Colorful Terrace Apartment In Ukraine

Everyone dreams to have a terrace apartment, where they can relax and enjoy a nice view everyday. Today we are introducing you a good model for a small apartment design in Ukraine, with a big terrace and wooden furniture. The terrace has fabulous blue doors to resemble the sky color and match with the warm, decorative pillows on the sofas. The floors, as well as the patio furniture and dinning table, are made of deep brown wood, to make you feel like being outside in nature.

colorful terrace patio furniture

Inside, you will find many wooden objects and decorations, including the floors, tables, and the barrier between living room and dinning room. All these wooden items aim to break the colorful atmosphere, in order to bring tranquility. They make it not only a colorful terrace apartment, but quite like a piece of nature brought into your home.
Most of the colors in this terrace apartment are used in furniture, rugs, pillows, wallpaper and the bathrooms which mixed white, red and beige. There is also a nice reading corner with a big bookcase and work desk. The tiny details make great difference, especially with the artwork that spreads everywhere.

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colorful balcony furniture colorful terrace apartment in Ukraine colorful reading chair living room sofa

colorful terrace apartment in Ukraine contemporary living room modern dinning room modern dinning room wooden floor ideas modern bedroom red sofa bed design

white and red bathroom white and beige bathroom work desk in small apartment bookcase design

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