Computer Wallpaper

computer wallpaper

In my previous topic, I posted desktop backgrounds to bring tranquility and relaxation. In this topic, I’m following with a few computer wallpaper designs to help you get instantaneous relief from stress and stiffness. There are six nature desktop backgrounds, Disney computer wallpaper, a nice Halloween theme and a few designs of 3D desktop backgrounds.
The nature computer wallpaper is actually a great choice for those who get quickly stressed and can’t use their PC for long. It usually brings freshness by getting you into the photo, imagining the fresh air feel and scents of ocean or flowers.
The 3D and fantasy designs are colorful, geeky, and dreamy. A simple computer wallpaper design helps many programmers to concentrate and stay focused. That’s what we can see in the apple logo, the nature photos and the fantasy designs.

Computer-wallpaper_1 Computer-wallpaper_2 Computer-wallpaper_3 Computer-wallpaper_4

Computer-wallpaper_5 Computer-wallpaper_6

Computer-wallpaper_7 Computer-wallpaper_8 Computer-wallpaper_9 Computer-wallpaper_10

Computer-wallpaper_11 Computer-wallpaper_12 Computer-wallpaper_13 Computer-wallpaper_14 Computer-wallpaper_15 Computer-wallpaper_16

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