Coronavirus Explained


Understanding Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the name used to indicate COVID-19, or corona virus disease 2019, which is an infectious disease that first appeared in china and spread to other countries.
The virus belongs to the corona group, which usually affects mammals and birds. The newly discovered virus is not quite lethal like SARS or MERS, and it causes respiratory tract infection.



The infection can be mild, like cold and flu, but in old people or those with chronic diseases it can be lethal.
The infection starts in the upper respiratory tract then it affect the lungs causing pneumonia and kidney failure. There is no certain drug to cure the disease, or vaccine to prevent the infection.
There is a group of human corona viruses that first appeared in 1960. The discovery studied cases of patients with common cold and later they defined the infection as coron avirus 229E and OC43. New identifications of corona viruses appeared later and were named as follows:

Hcov NL63-2004

Reference : Wikipedia

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