Crab Cake

crab cake

A crab cake is a seafood recipe made of crab meat lumps, and lots of it, to enjoy the sweet crab and its tender meat taste. The recipe is known in the United States and originated in the coastal state of Maryland and Baltimore city. The recipe is made in different ways, but the original Maryland crab cakes contain few ingredients, a lot crab meat lumps and seasoning. Other deformed recipes are made according to the individuals’ tastes and what they like to eat more with crab cakes.

Crab cake

There are many famous restaurants based on crab cakes in Maryland. Each restaurant follows its own recipe and is also famous for it. The well known crab cake types in Baltimore are called ‘Boardwalk’ and ‘Restaurant’. The Boardwalk crab cakes are rich-filling, deeply fried and served on hamburger buns while the Restaurant crab cakes are made with no filling but sweet crab meat lumps, and they are served on open faced sandwiches. The fully crab meat cakes are called gourmet crab cakes, and they are the most favorite in Baltimore.
As a seafood recipe, crab cakes are often served with tartar sauce, and this, too, is made in many ways that depend on the taste. Most seafood meals are served with mayonnaise-based sauces and French fries, so is the crab cake meal.
Mustard, hot sauce, ketchup and other options of sauces are always available in the restaurants for crab cakes lovers. The dish is well served in most coastal regions of the United States where the crab meat industry is wide and the crab meat types are too many.

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