Creamy Cucumber Soup

Creamy Cucumber Soup

Cucumber soup is one of the easy recipes that you can enjoy as a new addition in your daily diet, as a nice detox snack, or a warm soup in winter. It is made in many versions, with a variety of additions that differ according to the purpose “for example cucumber, celery and garlic detox soup”.
In this recipe, I’m going to use cooking cream, onions, diced pepper and cucumbers as basic ingredients. I added chicken broth for a rice taste, but if you want a light soup, you can use vegetable broth, low-fat yogurt or buttermilk instead of chicken broth.
A list of optional ingredients will be included below, to inspire you for new recipes.


4 cups of diced cucumbers “peeled and seeded first”.
1 ½ cups of broth “vegetable or chicken broth”.
2 garlic cloves, minced.
1 medium onion, divided into halves.
1 tbsp of lemon juice.
2 tbsp of olive oil.
1 cup of cooking cream, or buttermilk.
¼ cup of chopped parsley.
Salt and pepper “or your favorite spices”.

Creamy Cucumber Soup

Optional ingredients:

Minced chives.
Fresh thyme.
Minced dill.
½ avocado flesh.
Diced green pepper “or red”.
A dash of cayenne pepper.
A dash of turmeric.
Chopped mushrooms.
Grilled chicken pieces.
Crispy bacon chops.
Diced potatoes.


– After dividing the onion into halves, cut one half into thin slices and chop the other half, then mince the garlic cloves.
– Fry the chopped onion until golden and tender then add the garlic until all are softened.
– If you’re using fresh mushroom or pepper you should fry them with the onion until softened. If you’re using canned mushrooms, it is better to toss them on top just before serving.
– Pour the chicken broth, add the seasoning and bring the mixture to boil.
– Add the diced cucumber and bring it to a gentle simmer on medium heat until softened. Add water, if needed.
– After 10 minutes, the soup should be ready for blending. Turn off the heat and allow the soup to cool for 10 minutes.
– During that time, prepare the optional ingredients by chopping the grilled chicken, vegetables, mushrooms and avocado. Prepare your favorite spices or toppers as well.
– If you’re using avocado, blend it with the soup. Don’t blend the chicken, mushrooms, pepper or bacon.
– After the soup is blended, pour it into a big bowl and stir in the cooking cream, yogurt or butter milk.
– Add your seasoning, sliced onion, chopped parsley, thyme and any other ingredients then gently stir the mixture.
– Toss the crispy bacon or sliced mushrooms on top before serving.

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