Creative DIY Tire Decorations

Creative DIY tyre decorations

If you like to do summer crafts from recycled materials, here are some creative DIY tire decorations for spring. I tried to collect several ideas, so that you can use any size of old tires you have. The ideas include tire fish bond, tire flower planters, tire seats, tire stools, tire table, tire swing, kids play chairs and animal shapes.
The creative DIY tire decorations are easy to do with suitable ropes, colorful paint, supportive wooden sheets, etc. With simple colors and appropriate tools you can get the best back yard swing for your children, or show a few fish bonds surrounded with colored rocks beside your flowers.
The tire seats are my favorite here. They look very cozy, and surely you can use sponge filling with an upper fiber layer and furry covers to have the best summer reading seats.
Some people may like to hang an old tire with bright glass lamps, to make a chandelier. But in my opinion, the idea is unsuitable for indoor use. You can do this décor in your barn or outdoor wooden garage, etc.
Other creative DIY tire decorations, like decorative tables, seats and animal shapes will surely look great with the suitable paint.

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