Creative Easter Egg Designs

Creative Easter Egg Designs 1

Easter egg decorations have been always loved by adults and kids all over the world. They allow us to create art looks and different patterns to decorate our homes and enjoy some family fun during the holiday. You can prepare different patterns including flowers, art themes, funny faces, romantic and nature themes, then you enjoy coloring with your family, friends, relatives or neighbors using a wide variety of colors.
You can follow these methods if you have time to decorate and color Easter eggs. But for those who have not enough time, yet wanting an elegant appearance, they can follow simple techniques as we provide them in this topic.

Coloring Easter eggs by dying in hot, colored water is one quick way to obtain beautiful shapes. Use tree leaves or any pieces of clothes to cover certain positions on the eggs, then tie with a piece of burlap or any laced cloth, and boil or dip in high saturated water colors.
You can also do that with any type of paint, and it is better to empty the eggs or use plastic artificial eggs instead.
The most elegant way to create glowing eggs is to use metallic paint, sprays or glitter. In all cases you will create lovely art pieces through the color varieties in no time.
The best colors to use for real boiled eggs is natural colors from Thyme, saffron,hibiscus, curry, dark tea, etc. But if you want to use water colors to create multi-colored-art or draw certain patterns, it is better to empty the eggs first or use plastic eggs. Otherwise, make sure that the painted eggs will be eaten within a very short time after the colors dry in order not to harm the body.
















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