Crinoline Wedding Gowns

Crinoline wedding gowns 16

Although crinoline gowns belong to a very old era, they still have their charm and special gypsy look. Many brides decide on a crinoline style for their wedding gown, either in old or modern fashion design. The Gypsies prefer a big, fat crinoline gown with extra tulle ruffling, resulting in a very heavy, restrictive dress, yet the brides feel happy and proud to wear it.
Crinoline bridal dresses look like a-line dresses, princess style and ball gowns at once. But in fact, a true crinoline design is made from layered, ruffled details…exactly like the crinoline skirt worn under the formal ball gowns, and they are surely worn over petticoats to give that very flaring skirt look. So, flared gowns made of organza, satin and silk might not be considered as in-style designs as much as those made with extra drapey details and worn with a crinoline and petticoat.
As crinoline wedding dresses are often very huge, they are considered restrictive for the bride –as for how she will dance, move and sit. Modern styled crinoline wedding dresses have appeared, even by famous designers, to solve that issue and provide an elegant, yet simple crinoline style in fewer lines.
There are short and medium lengths as well as the long, tight style with a flared, drapey skirt starting just above the knees. There is also a nice gypsy trend that is over-knee length, but super cute as giving a youthful touch to the dresses, especially with the vintage details and pink color shades.

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