Crochet Baby Blanket

Most mothers like to buy crochet baby blankets among their baby’s essentials. Some mothers even like to weave colorful patterns in more than one blanket for their beloved babies. The reason why they like a crochet baby blanket more than other types of quilts and baby covers, is that crochet blankets are often light, protective and easy to use. Even when they buy or weave a blanket for winter use, they can find the suitable thickness as some blankets are made in two layers and some are woven from thick wool yarn.

Crochet baby blankets offer great advantages for the new born babies and the older ones. They are protective against the wind and cold, for example when you are taking your baby in an outing, and they are not irritating for the skin.
You can cover your baby with a light crochet blanket in the spring, or you can weave an elegant, multilayer blanket to wrap your baby in cold winter days.
The best thing about their small sizes is that you can use them for your pets or gift one for your old mother to cover her feet while relaxing in front of the TV.

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