Crochet Baby Dresses

crochet baby dresses

Crochet baby dresses are my favorite toddler and newborn trend. They are super cute and easy to weave, which creates a nice memory with every dress and every occasion. They are not just worn for a beautiful look; they are very light and suitable for babies, especially those woven from thin yarn for the summer.
In this topic I collected different designs, colors and patterns to suit babies in all ages beginning from newborn babies, so that you can choose a dress for the simple outings or the special occasions. Besides all that, I included a lovely christening crochet baby dress and a few others for big parties and occasions. The variety of colors and patterns in this collection provide every mother amazing ideas to try doing herself for her baby. The dresses are more than suitable for home use in summer, and there are also some heavier, longer designs to ensure enough protection for the body.
Speaking of the dresses, each dress is made in different design, but most of them are embellished with satin ribbons, floral decorations and ruffling on the occasional dresses. There are very neat designs that come with an elegant hat and cute crochet baby shoes. Such accessories complete the lovely look of your little princess, especially with a little headband and satin ribbons that form either a flower or a lovely waist strap for the dress.


pink crochet baby dress with hat pink crochet baby dress and shoes green crochet baby dress crochet baby dress with hat and shoes and flower embellishments special occasions baby dress with shoes and hat coral crochet baby dress with hat and shoes light blue crochet baby dress and flower embellished hat special occasion crochet baby dress with hat and shoes purple crochet baby dress special occasion crochet baby dress with hat and shoes pink halter baby dress crochet baby dress white crochet baby dress with hat and shoes lavender colored crochet baby dress for special occasions green and yellow crochet baby dress free pattern crochet baby dresses DIY crochet baby dress pattern pink crochet dresses summer crochet baby dresses pink crochet baby dress newborn baby dress white christening gown crochet dresses summer crochet baby dresses

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33 Thoughts to “Crochet Baby Dresses”

  1. Deb Lampe

    where can I purchase patterns for the crochet baby dresses? Deb

  2. Kay Weddle

    I love a couple of these baby dresses, where can I get the pattern?

  3. Are these baby dress patterns available?

  4. Sherry Smith

    Are these patterns available??????? Please respond…….

  5. Linda Hales

    Where can I find the patterns for these dresses.

  6. Crystal

    Would love the patterns for more than one of these dresses. How can I get them?

  7. Cathy Forbes

    Hi! I, also, would love to get patterns for some of these dresses. Would love to hear back on where/how to get them. Please!

  8. Shirley

    Do you sell the patterns for these dresses?

  9. I would love a couple of these patterns for gifts for new babies. Where can I purchase them

  10. Heba Ahmed

    Our dear customers .. thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

    We appreciate your desire in purchasing from, but the patterns for these
    dresses are not currently available. They will soon be available for purchase through our new online catalog. Meanwhile you can order similar dresses by emailing us with baby’s age and size, and we will inform you with all purchase and shipping information.

  11. Valerie

    Where can I get the pattern

  12. Tina Jeffery

    How would I get the patterns for thsee dresses.

  13. Laurie Crowninshield

    How do I get the patterns for the dresses? Your title claims there free

  14. Zulma Valentin

    Hi, I wish to order the pink dress with the hat and shoes. The baby isn’t born. But we will like for our baby to wear it the day she leaves the hospital! How do I make the order? The dress will be needed by the first week of may and delivered to Florida.

    My email is,

    Thank you!


  15. Zuma Valentin

    HI! I would like to make an order of a dress I saw for our unborn baby. How can I make the order?

  16. Nancy Amick

    hi i would like the pattern for the 4th dress from the top. newborn for the 4th of july.


  17. Lynn

    I would really like patterns for a couple of these dresses. When will the catalog be available?

  18. Minerva gonzalez

    I am interested in buy a dress in your web side could you send me your prises or phone number to ordre something.

  19. Dawn Morski

    I love these dresses, I would like to buy the patterns or a dress from you please contact me

  20. Pam Wesselink

    Would love to buy some patterns. Your work is just lovely!!!!!!!!! Please call or e-mail me. Thanks- Pam Wesselink

  21. Elize

    I am interested in some of the patterns. How can I get hold of it?

  22. Kary

    I love these dresses. Where can I purchase the patterns?

  23. Maria

    Hello I see lots of questions but no answers. Are you selling the dresses or the paterns? I’m interested

  24. Angela conley

    How do I get the catalog??? I don’t see where you answer these questions!!!!

  25. Debbie Haggard

    You do beautiful work wish I did that well with my crocheting.

  26. Myrtle

    Hi, these are all very lovely dresses for babies. I am expecting a grand daughter in June and would love to crochet some of these dresses for her. Please can you tell me where I can get the patterns?

  27. Ruth Bendon

    I love the baby dresses. Where may I get the patterns?

  28. Christine Anderson

    How can I get these patterns?

  29. Barbara Kriebel

    The dresses are beautiful where can I get the patterns?

  30. Pat Johnson

    Why post the photos of these beautiful baby dresses unless either the dresses or the patterns are available? Please inform both myself and the many others who are desiring to make the dresses. Thank you so much.

  31. Paula Kirby

    I love these dresses . How do I get the patterns? My email is .

  32. Norma

    Where’s the patterns?

  33. Joanie

    I Love your dress
    Do you share patterns

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