Cuban Baked Bananas

cuban baked bananas

The Cuban baked bananas is one of the easiest, kids friendly recipes. Adults also love this dessert because it is so light and energy providing. All what you need is some bananas, baking casserole, brown sugar, raisins, nuts or pecans.

The original recipe contained pecans, but since I never tried them, I’d use mixed nuts instead, to give a high nutritious value and more flavor.
An optional ingredient for those who love nut milk is the almond milk. If you are familiar with homemade nut milk, you can make your own almond milk from raw, untoasted almonds, and make it a bit thick. Use chilled almond milk on top of the baked bananas to enhance the taste.
If your kids like biscuits or tart, you can put the bananas on top of a small tart and pour a little amount of nut milk on top so that the tart and fruit soak it. Use biscuits for a faster dessert.

cuban baked bananas


6 bananas – 6 tbs brown sugar – 4 tbs butter – ½ cup raisins – ½ cup mixed nuts or chopped pecans


In a nonstick baking pan, grease with butter or oil, arrange the bananas and cut each into halves lengthwise.
Top each with one tbs of brown sugar, small butter pieces and spread the raisins and mixed nuts on top.
Bake for 30 minutes on 350 F, or place on the upper rack to receive much heat and cook faster.

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