Cute Christmas Lights Ideas For Home And Yard Decorations

Cute Christmas Lights Ideas For Home And Yard Decorations 1

As we all love to display Christmas lights inside and outside our homes, I decided to share these cute Christmas lights ideas with everyone who needs a simple change in their house, or elegant decorations for their yard.
The common Christmas lights that we use are those long garlands which come in different colors and designs, like fairy lights. There are actually two uses for the fairy lights, through which you can obtain the prettiest looks ever. One of the easiest techniques is using them for writing words on the walls, or wrapping them inside/outside around trees and planters. The bulb shape in each garland makes them quite suitable for kids’ rooms, mantel decorations, outdoor porch displays, coffee table decorations, and anything else in your house. The common shapes are oval, butterfly, flower, round, heart and triangle.

outdoor christmas lights

Christmas lanterns and nontraditional luminaries are not often used, although they give a fantastic look outside and they can be used all winter long. Such lanterns can either be bough from holiday stores, or can be made at home from recycled stuff.
Spreading some light garlands with small lanterns will show a nice mix of traditional and nontraditional Christmas decorations.
Using metal balls, old cans, glass boxes, jars or even transparent glass accessories is the easiest options for recycled lanterns. Once they ready for use, get battery powered Christmas lights or small bulbs and put them inside each lantern. Use yarn and ribbons to hang them outside.
There are some new lanterns and Christmas lights decorations made in amazing shapes, to look as if they were already inside snow formations. They allow you to stuff bulbs in colorful designs above each others, and for DIY technique…use tea lights and stitched cotton balls around to give the same appearance.



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christmas lights

outdoor christmas lanterns

DIY outdoor christmas lanterns christmas-lights-ideas-for-home-and-yard-decorations_7

christmas lights


outdoor christmas lights

cute christmas lights ideas

outdoor christmas decorations


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