Daily House Cleaning Schedule

daily house cleaning schedule

A daily house cleaning schedule is not something that you just download and follow. In cleaning matters, it usually helps to get an advice from another, but this shouldn’t be your only option and still the cleaning schedule is best made by yourself. This conclusion I reached after a long search for daily house cleaning schedules and tips, where the tips actually helped a little but when I read the schedules I discovered that the cleaning depends on a few matters … the size of your house, the surrounding environment, the number of members living in the house, having pets or other animals, working or going out much and surely the interior finishing and furniture.
For example, a small minimalist apartment in the city needs less cleaning, especially if you are working every day, and surely the daily chores will be limited. A big house of luxury furniture, surrounded by a garden and enclosing pets, definitely needs a proper daily cleaning for longer time.


These basic daily tips will help you to draw in mind a daily house cleaning schedule, and soon I will post a simple schedule that you may use as a start until you make yours. You may also do these few steps, if you like, every day and other or 3 days, depending on how often you need to clean.

1- Start the day with making the beds, picking up clothes in bedrooms and organizing them in closets.

2- Wipe the always-in-use counters and surfaces at least once a day. For example, the bathroom counters, kitchen counters, eating table, working desk, coffee table, etc.

3- Make sure to leave the bathroom and kitchen clean and dry before sleeping.

4- If you don’t work, you can do one load of laundry every morning.

5- If your place or used surfaces get dusty due to the surrounding or the number of members sharing the house, wipe these surfaces and use the vacuum cleaner at least once a day. Using the dust remover “made of feathers or soft material” will help with desks, furniture and surfaces.

6- Get rid of the garbage every day at night, or every other day in case you live alone.

7- Spend a few minutes organizing the living room, bookcase, TV surrounding, dressing mirror counter, or anything else that gets quickly untidy.

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