Decorative Crochet Crafts

decorative crochet crafts

Decorative crochet crafts have been used widely to decorate everything in our homes. So, if you are one of those ladies who love to weave pillow covers, bedspreads, lamp shades and window curtains, you will surely like the following ideas.
The creation in Decorative crochet crafts never stops at pillow covers and bedspreads, it extends to beautiful floral shapes in fascinating colors to cover the coffee tables and give a nice look to your flower vases. You may also weave a small bracelet, mobile phone cover, cute apple holders or a scarf for your daughter. Such small gifts are highly appreciated, besides being so affordable and easy to do.
Showing an art piece or natural view using the color combinations of crochet objects is also a nice idea to decorate your home and occupy yourself. If you like the idea, try weaving small objects to hang on the windows or on small fir trees. In the photos below, I introduced a big collection of small blankets, chair covers, window decorations, kids’ gifts, artistic pieces and even a woven spider web cover for the tree trunks in your garden. If you really have the talent and spare time to do such crafts, you will surprise your family and friends one day with an enchanting home and garden.


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