Desktop Backgrounds

With the massive increase in using computers for work, entertaining and other purposes, most people around the world spend much time on their computer. During that long time, people will certainly need pleasant features or attractive desktop backgrounds to enjoy instead of feeling bored and irritated. Desktop backgrounds play a good role in making you happy by just seeing the pleasant computer wallpaper. They are sometimes refreshing and they express your inner desires or emotional state. If you are one of those who like relaxing desktop backgrounds, here are some lovely nature photos as well as colorful 3D wallpapers that most geeks like.

Desktop-backgrounds_1 Desktop-backgrounds_2 Desktop-backgrounds_3 Desktop-backgrounds_4 Desktop-backgrounds_5

Desktop-backgrounds_6 Desktop-backgrounds_7 Fakarava Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago Desktop-backgrounds_9 Desktop-backgrounds_10

Desktop-backgrounds_11 Desktop-backgrounds_12 Desktop-backgrounds_13

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