Detox Plans

detox plan

We have been hearing about detox plans, detox diets, detox body cleansing, weight loss detox diets, detox juices, etc. Such diets and plans have become of great importance in our modern lifestyle as it is commonly characterized by air pollution, fast foods and stress. These factors are known to affect the body with toxins and harmful compounds, which naturally overload the functioning of liver and kidneys.
The cleanse programs, or elimination diets; facilitate the functions of the liver and kidneys to flush out toxins.

detox plan

From a medical point of view, this theory is wrong because the human body was created to deal with an intake of useful and harmful compounds without any external interfering. So, it is natural that your kidneys and liver can flush out toxins without the so called ‘detox plan’.
The truth behind detox diets is that they help cleansing your body by cutting the intake of toxins during the program, and instead, they provide nutrients and useful elements to boost the immune system and regenerate the body cells.
As the time passes, your body will naturally eliminate contaminants such as harmful compounds from pollution or fast foods, alcohol, caffeine, etc.
Taking low sugar, or no sugar, juices will also help burning fats, lowering cholesterol level, and providing essential nutrients that your body doesn’t usually take in appropriate amounts every day.
The only thing to worry about with detox plans is if your body is going to accept the juices or not. In other words, juices contain too many minerals that may harm the kidneys or stomach in most cases. So, depending on a lot of vegetables or fruits in juice form, is kind of wrong, and on contrary to what we think, is very harmful.

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