Disney Christmas Ornaments

Disney Christmas ornaments are what most kids, and adults, fancy for a merry holiday. Besides being beautiful and colorful, these ornaments allow everyone to choose the Christmas tree decorations in themes of their favorite cartoon characters, feeling satisfied while seeing these cute accessories glowing during the cherished time of the year.
The ornaments come in very elegant designs, and sometimes are made of fine materials or ceramic, to suit all uses. Children’s ornaments come as carved accessories or printed balls that hold cartoon characters, like pooh, fairies, Barbie, Alice, Bambi, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc.


Other ornaments are usually glittered and printed, or they are covered in metallic paint and attached to a small figure that makes the whole appearance more exquisite and unique.
Carved ornaments are my favorite. They are mostly made of plastic, but sometimes ceramic, glass and wood are used. The greatest features in these ornaments are their shapes and the details. The colorful details, such as the carved surrounding or the embellished fabric wear, give us the feeling that our favorite cartoon characters have come out of the movies to grace our holiday with happiness.

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Disney-christmas-ornaments_9 Disney-christmas-ornaments_10 Disney-christmas-ornaments_11 Disney-christmas-ornaments_12 Disney-christmas-ornaments_13

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