DIY Bird Houses

In my previous topic about bird houses, I showed the prettiest models I have found and spoke about the designs, the materials and how we often use bird houses.
In this topic, I’m showing some DIY bird houses, made of wood, gourds, coconut shells, thick plastic and carton paper dipped in corn flour solution.
I’m not actually sure about the last type of bird houses; I think dipping carton paper in solutions to harden it is not the suitable way, but it is the best environment-friendly way I could come up with. If you don’t like it, you can simply choose a thick type of carton paper, like that used in large storage boxes and wall calendars, for a durable bird house.

Returning to the other designs that you can make of gourds and coconut shells; they are wonderful for limited budgets and they don’t need much time crafting them. You can cut a big round hole at the middle and two others for the hanging yarns. Painting the bird houses and preparing a cozy cotton and straw pad inside, are the last steps in crafting a bird house.
If you have experience in wooden crafts, you may be able to craft several bird houses in different sizes and hang them around your house. The photos below will inspire you for many designs that you can craft from thin wooden sheets or thick wooden pieces, also you will be able to create different entries and ceiling to suit your surrounding environment and weather changes.

The last type of DIY bird houses could be a little weird, but in my point of view, it is more practical. You may use small sized tree trunks, in which you cut a suitable hole and make empty space inside, then pad with cotton or straw. You will only need to make a small ceiling to wash off the rain and provide shade during the hot days.
The other creative idea is using an already existing house decoration. Such small decorations are available in every home, as kids’ toys if not a small decorative piece. If you can’t find these houses around, visit any décor store or toy store and pick up a big house made of thick plastic or thin wooden sheets. The simple designs made of plastic, are very affordable and you will only need to make a free space inside with a suitable entry at the middle. Padding and making a hanger won’t be a problem then.



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