DIY Christmas Stockings In Designs That You Won’t Ever Imagine

DIY Christmas Stockings In Designs That You Won't Ever Imagine 1

This collection of DIY Christmas stockings is suitable for a little decorating project with kids and the most creative hand crafts and sewing for professionals. It provides easy ideas on stockings made from woven jumpers, common stockings and fabrics or burlap. The three types are easily decorated with final touches, like colorful stripes and round patches.
Using fur and velour trim on top, as well as ribbons and childish ties, will give a nice look for the socks.
The difficult part in this collection is the elf stockings. I’ve brought a few designs for a crafty time, so that every lady can enjoy sewing and decorating them the way she loves. They just need time, so it is better to start them earlier before Christmas. Likewise, crochet and vintage stockings need time and art; they are lovely on traditional mantels and their colors bring cheer and coziness.


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