DIY Halloween Lanterns

 Lighting your yard or house surrounding with pretty lanterns is one of the simplest ideas that you try this year. With the help of your kids or family, you can recycle some objects or jars to make lanterns in several shapes. If you are one of those crafty personalities who like to try their own artwork for holidays, this topic provides creative DIY Halloween lanterns. The most elegant lanterns I brought here were made of glass jars painted in orange and black to show Halloween themes. Other creative lanterns were made from plastic jars painted in several patterns and scary themes, in addition to the Jack-O-Lantern theme.


Creative lanterns are surely necessary to leave an impression on guests and neighbors, but could you ever imagine making lanterns from old dresses? The old dress lanterns are simply made by attaching a metal wire to the inner side of the dress, to spread the fabrics like a lamp shade, then inserting the light bulb from the neck and hanging the dress on a tree.
Other creative ideas are made using carved pumpkins, wire-hold paper bulbs, painted plastic jars with fairy lights, and common lanterns that you wrap in white flannels.
The ideas are too creative and they may inspire you for recycling the available materials, to make amazing indoor and outdoor Halloween lanterns.

DIY-halloween-lanterns_2 DIY-halloween-lanterns_3

DIY-halloween-lanterns_4 DIY-halloween-lanterns_5 DIY-halloween-lanterns_6 DIY-halloween-lanterns_7

DIY-halloween-lanterns_8 DIY-halloween-lanterns_9 DIY-halloween-lanterns_10 DIY-halloween-lanterns_11

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