DIY Marbled Easter Eggs With Nail Polish

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs With Nail Polish 1

In a previous topic, we spoke about how to color Easter eggs and mentioned different ways, of which marbling took great attention. Of course, the undefined themes of these eggs make them look like real marbles, and hence fabulously suitable for parties and all-season decorations.
DIY marbled Easter eggs with nail polish is a simple technique that I accidentally found in some blogs and wanted to try for this holiday. The needed tools are tooth picks, a bit-wide, small bowl of water, boiled eggs or emptied, whole egg shells; elastic gloves and different colors of nail polish. The water should be in room temperature or a bit cold, to prevent the nail polish from dissolving and sinking into the water. You can also use a few bowls in which you mix different shades of nail polish.


Start by spreading a plastic sheet or old newspaper on your work space. Fill the bowls to midline with room-temp water and slowly drop the nail polish in the first bowl. At the beginning, the nail polish may dissolve and sink before it forms the film on the surface. Keep dropping from the bottles until the upper film is well formed, then swirl the colors with the toothpick to create different effects. Repeat the previous steps with the other bowls, adding different shades of nail polish.
Hold each egg at the sides between your fingers and slowly dip half the egg into the water and roll it until it is all covered with nail polish. Take it out of the liquid and hold it for a while until the polish dries.
You may roll half of the egg in one bowl then in another, to get various swirl effects.
You may need to use nail polish remover before you repeat the process with other eggs.


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