DIY Nourishing Face And Body Lotion With Natural Ingredients

DIY natural body lotion

The best thing about making your own body lotion is that you can use natural ingredients, and most of all your favorite essential oils.
Giving a special scent or adding vitamin-rich oils to keep your skin soft and healthy, is one of the advantages too.

DIY face and body lotion

I like to make benefit of both, using natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, and adding my special scents. But the key in making this recipe is using a high quality base … like collagen-rich lotion. Using lotions and glycerin makes the blend so soft and spreadable.

My own recipe depends on collagen-rich lotion, and vitamin E rich oils “olive, almond, sesame, wheat germ, etc…”
I try to use lavender, jasmine, rose, tea tree, orange or lemon oils as an essential base for good scents. Of course some people would love to use an essential oil alone, but it won’t give the desired result like that from vitamin E oils.

Adding Chia butter or cocoa butter is a wonderful option for delaying wrinkles and removing stretch marks from pregnancy or overweight. Just use your body lotion every day at night and on wet body after showering and you will get amazing results.

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