DIY Outdoor Planters

DIY outdoor planters 2

There is nothing much better than enjoying your handmade patio accessories and garden planters in the summer. The DIY outdoor planters are not just easy-to-do crafts for the summer season. They can bring all the flowers’ bloom to your porch, garden corners, windows, and doorways. They provide you two additional advantages; the ability to use certain planters and the free choice for your favorite flowers.
Planting your favorite flowers on the porch or around the patio furniture pleases the whole family and brings relaxation. Likewise, using handmade planters, small urns, cheap planters and also recycled ones that hold your own paints and decorations, makes every minute a treasure.


In the following photos, I collected creative ideas for DIY outdoor planters, to help you recycle some objects, decorate them and enjoy the summer flowers. You will find simple ideas made with hand-painted planters, teacup and teapot planters, old chairs and un-used gift baskets…all used in their simplest looks with many beautiful flowers inside.
Other DIY outdoor planters will surely inspire you for some art. There are big ones made of old tires, elegant urn planters for the porch and door way, and some magnificent looking plastic boots with elegant purses.


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DIY-outdoor-planters_5 DIY-outdoor-planters_6 DIY-outdoor-planters_7 DIY-outdoor-planters_8 DIY-outdoor-planters_9 DIY-outdoor-planters_10

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