Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket ideas 2

As gifting Easter baskets for neighbors and kids is a popular tradition, we have collected these great Easter basket ideas to inspire you for elegant crafts that you easily do yourself. Regardless of the size and design, the photos show baskets that you can make from cardboard, wood, buckets, crochet, old fabrics and kids toys. The toys part sounds a little weird, but it is true that you can use a stuffed duck or bunny to make a cute basket. You simply use a colorful fabric sheet to sew a basket with handler then fix it with a few stitches between the bunny hands.


Returning to the other ideas, crochet and fabric baskets can be easily made in small sizes, and decorated in several ways to give fantastic look. Ruffled chiffon, colorful tulle sheets and small floral embellishments are often made for decorating these vintage-inspired baskets or making a tutu basket.
Cardboard baskets are the most common among kids and adults while the wooden baskets are rarely made and they can be gifted only to neighbors or adults; to be used later as spring mailbox or decorative kitchen containers.

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