Easter Cake Designs

Celebrating the spring with a cute Easter cake of colorful egg or bunny decorations is a fun thing for the whole family. The time you take for baking and shaping the egg, decorating it with your husband or kids, and eating it is surely a joyful treasure. As the cakes vary in size and designs, one may create a large size egg design with bows, green weeds, butterflies and flowers, to combine all cheerful themes. Other than the popular egg design, there is the nice Easter basket cake, which is usually round and decorated with eggs, bunnies, chicks, candy and twisted handler made of colorful fondant.


Likewise, the crafty ladies would love to create details and draw special themes, so the duck and bunny cake represent a perfect choice for the creative art.
The simplest form of an Easter cake is the round one which you decorate with chocolate, cream and candy, to draw greetings and animal shapes. One may like a nice butterfly, hat or flower shaped cake with Easter-related decorations on top, while a plain cake in spring colors would be sufficient for a simple celebration.

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