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There is no doubt that during the spring holiday, kids expect more than an Easter egg hunt party. One of their favorite requirements for an enjoyable holiday is the Easter candy.
Easter cupcakes and treats are also classified as candy, but not very common to be gifted within a small basket like chocolate bunnies, candy eggs and sweet treats. The homemade candy is surely different and quite special for the kids, as they enjoy seeing their parent preparing and shaping the candy in many forms.
The best store-bought candy varies between tiny fondant eggs, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate eggs, and candy bunnies. The other forms that you can prepare at home are sweet rice eggs, bird nests, large chocolate eggs, and other fondant treats.


If you like to add some style to your candy and surprise the kids, you can use molds to make large chocolate eggs filled with whipped cream or custard. The same idea is suitable for making fondant eggs filled with creamy coconut filling, chocolate, crumbled biscuits mixed with frosting or anything else that kids love.
Using crunchy corn sticks or sweet rice to make bird nests and cupcakes is a nice idea and surely your kids will adore the results. For easy shaping you can mix them with butter and syrup or simply melted caramel, before shaping and cooling.
The easiest idea is making several cakes, in which you use different ingredients to obtain more tastes and colors, then cut them into bite-size treats and decorate them with frosting and candy pieces. The grated chocolate, colorful candy eggs and tiny chocolate bunnies will provide a fabulous look for these treats.

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