Easter Cookies Decorations

bunny shaped easter cookie

Easter cookies decorations represent the most adorable gifts to kids and adults when they wake up and find them on their breakfast table. Most of these decorations are made in colorful designs, like bunnies, flowers and other spring-related themes. Pretty hats, plants, colorful eggs, birds and butterflies usually give fabulous themes when they are done correctly on large-sized cookies.


Easter cookies decorations can be done in many ways, and they all depend on the shape of cookies before depending on the colors. If you have enough time to bake different animal shapes, bunnies, butterflies, carrots, eggs and any other creative shapes, you will certainly have no problem in colors and you will use whatever you wish. Baking a few shapes may cause a bit of restriction as you will have to pair colors to generate cheerful appearance, besides being restricted in small sized cookies.

Speaking about the variety of shapes and sizes, you can use cookie shapers to make all sizes of animal shapes. These shapers can be found in any market that provides baking supplies. Use white filling cream as a background for your drawing, and apply colors in thin lines to make the features clear.
Find in the markets different colors of liquid chocolate, colored liquid cream, sugar frosting or decorative dough. Use each to color the bunnies, with light background always, and know that the more you layer colors and creams, the more you please your kids.

Easter cookies can inspire you for more recipes for breakfast such as appetizers, and then you will be free to choose any sauces, cheese, tuna, smoked turkey slices, etc. to decorate the lovely morning meal.

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