Easter Cookies

Baking cookies and preparing desserts is one of the best traditions in all holidays. It allows us to enjoy quick desserts and delicious snacks, especially when these cookies are well decorated and served in a party. Easter cookies hold some of the most beautiful decorations that one can ever make. After Christmas cookies, they rank number 2 in the pretty appearance, as they usually hold very colorful drawings and decorations.


Most Easter cookies are made in egg or bunny shape, with many lines and details that resemble similar patterns to those drawn on real eggs. Using cookie shapers allow you to make many other shapes, like carrots, funny faces, hats, flowers, butterflies and other spring-related things. Coloring is always optional, but your talent and experience in decorating desserts will lead you to the best results. You can use liquid frosting and natural food coloring to draw the basic lines, if you’re following a pattern, then fill in between with any kind of cream or candy. Sometimes it is recommended to add two layers of icing, of which the base is liquid frosting and the top is whipped cream or the decorative details drawn with colorful liquid frosting. That technique is very suitable for the multi-detail decorations as it gives volume to the frosting and enhances the appearance.

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